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Ellie is a nutrition & lifestyle specialist. Furthering in sports and plant based nutrition. Graduating from IHS, Regents university London in 2020.

Deli Ellie is a platform to offer support, guidance and accountability to those who want to change their relationship with food and feel their best.

Although we focus on nutrition, we don’t just look at food. We also look at your sleep, stress, relaxation and movement.

With our 8 and 12 week programmes they leave you with the knowledge for a sustainable lifestyle change to reach your optimum healthy regime.

Our questionnaires are the start of the programme – we require a completed 3 day food diary. I then create your personalised programme.

With the help of software analysis and personalising a plan, there is no repetitive, boring food requirements… we look at nutrients, minerals and all the vitals to ensure you are full of energy, motivated and feeling your best.

You will receive a 7 day food plan, a shopping list, access to lots of recipes and guidance as well as an app.

Alongside the programmes you will also receive WhatsApp 24/7 care and as much help as you need as you navigate through the programme.

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The Details

To be enrolled – we have a questionnaire to fill out, including; 3 day food diary and questions about your sleep, movement, stress and goals.

Consultation 1 – Booked once questionnaire reviewed; face-to-face review of the questionnaire

Consultation 2 – Post Consultation 1; a digital analysis is completed to create a personalised plan.

You are then ready to change your life!

What else is included in the programme? 

Weekly Progress Check-ins throughout your programme we will check in every Tuesday to see how you’re feeling and if there are any adjustments needed.

24/7 support via whatsapp for the entire duration of your programme

Consultations can happen via zoom or from the comfort of your own home (COVID dependent and within 10 miles of DN9)


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